Acid & Dye Staining

Acid stains make an excellent finish for both residential and commercial floors, giving a "wear & tear" look but with durability made to last. The beauty and old world look of an acid stained floor cannot be duplicated. Each project is uniquely different owing to the randomness of the stains' reaction to the compounds in the concrete.

13133 Sargas St.

Decorative Coating

Decorative Coatings have the ability to seal and protect your concrete surfaces thus helping to extend its useful life. When combined with custom cutting, this can add a stunning image to your existing concrete.

1417 Hunting Ridge Rd

Custom Engraving

Our staff can transform your plain gray concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio with a beautiful custom design unlike any other. Engraving is a permanent treatment that won't wear away because the pattern is carved into the concrete.


Sealing & Waxing

Sealed and waxed concrete can be both a cost effective and beautiful alternative to the everyday flooring alternatives available. When combined with other methods of concrete floor finishing, the results can be spectacular; such as this local pizzeria floor that utilizes acid stains with clear sealers and high quality waxes.


Coating Removal

We also specialize in the removal of cracked, peeling or worn concrete surfaces. This allows us to start over with a fresh surface before applying new flooring techniques.

Coating Removal